January 1st, 1999


Upcoming Activities


Visit of Drs. Aravena and Rudoph
to Chile for Hydrogeology
(Activity: D.96/C-14)

Dr.'s Ramon Aravena and David Rudolph of the University of Waterloo have again been contracted to continue their work on the Chilean Hydrogeological program. They began working with the Chilean Survey in January of last year. During the present trip (two weeks in January 1999 with SERNAGEOMIN) their work will consist of two parts:

1) Short course: The short course will be taught at the SERNAGEOMIN main office and will cover groundwater flow dynamics, groundwater instrumentation, isotope hydrology and groundwater geochemistry.

2) Field work: The field work will include an evaluation of the hydrogeology project carried out in the Negro Francisco Basin and the installation of new instrumentation at the study site.

Mineral Deposits Field Trip Part 2
(Activity: B.97/M-1)

Presently the trip is scheduled for the first two weeks of May. Please forward names and contact information of participants from your country as soon as possible to Mike Ellerbeck - email:


Activity Reports


Testigos de la Pacana East of San Pedro de Atacama, II? Region, CHILE.
Standing from left to right:
E. Polanco-J. Lemp-A. D?az-J. Clavero-A. D?az-S. Gelcich-M. Robles-M. Basso-S. M?nquez-S. Matthews-D. Rubiolo-D. Quiroz
Crouching from left to right:
H. Lled?-P. Sruoga-M. Gardeweg-C. Rodr?guez-M. Garc?a

Volcanology Field Course Part II

The Volcanology field course took place from November 23 to 29th, 1998. The course was lead by Dr. Moyra Gardeweg and coordinated by Ing. Jorge Clavero, both of the "Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria" (SERNAGEOMIN). The course consisted of theoretical classes at SERNAGEOMIN in Santiago and a field trip that took place around San Pedro de Atacama, in the II Region of Antofagasta, Chile. The field course consisted mainly of visits to volcanoes such as "Lascar", "Tumisa", "Purico", "Caldera La Pacana", etc. The group also visited the deposits of "El Laco" and the geothermal field "El Tatio". The course consisted of the study of the associated volcanic deposits, emphasis was given to the petrographic description of the units, morphology and genesis of the deposits. This generated valuable discussions where everyone eagerly participated. The following people participated from SERNAGEOMIN: M. Basso, A. D?az, M. Garc?a, S. Gelcich, H. Lled?, E. Polanco, D. Quiroz and C. Rodr?guez; From SEGEMAR: D. Rubiolo and P. Sruoga. The course was also attended by Dra. C. Hickson (Geological Survey of Canada) and Dr. S. Matthews (University of Bristol). The course concluded with a supper in a typical restaurant in San Pedro de Atacama.


Dr. Soregaroli in Bolivia
(Activity: C.98/B-1)

Dr Art Soregaroli was in Bolivia Nov 18-30 to review projects, maps, and reports generated by SERGEOMIN and to review and advise on plans for 1999. Following the review, a field excursion to the western Cordillera allowed examinations of some of the mineral deposit types in the area. On the return trip to La Paz, the party was provided with an excellent tour of the Pedersen Mine Project by BHP.

Dr. Panteleyev in Peru
(Activity: A.96/P-4)

Dr. Andre Panteleyev of XDM Geological Consultants Inc. visited the office of INGEMMET in October and briefly in November for discussions. Mainly he presented a seminar series on Cordilleran metallogeny, metallogenic maps, mineral deposits models and styles of Cordilleran gold mineralization. In addition he demonstrated the use and application of the MAP PIMA II equipment. This short wave infrared spectroscopic portable mineral analyzer is a very effective way to identify and analyze alteration minerals in the field and laboratory. He also presented a lecture on transitions from porphyry copper to epithermal environments at a Geological Society of Per? meeting where he outlined the objectives of the MAP to an audience of about 115 people, mainly from industry.

Fieldwork was conducted in southern Per? for about two weeks in the Tacna, Moquegua, Arequipa and Puno Departments. A number of mineral districts were visited with a wide variety of deposit types examined. The mines and mineral prospects visited were classified according to their age, origin and applicable genetic models. This fieldwork is a precursor to the systematic updating of the data bank, preparation of a national mineral inventory and regional metallogenic studies.

INGEMMET Post 2000

Dr.'s Art Soregaroli and Andre Panteleyev (XDM Geological Consultants) will be in Lima, Peru to meet with representatives from INGEMMET and the Directive Council of INGEMMET for three days (January 11-13) to begin putting together a proposal to be presented to the Peruvian Ministry of Mines. The institutional objectives of INGEMMET are o be redefined by this working group which will likely meet once again this fiscal year to finalized the proposal.

MAP Publications for Posting on WEB Page

As was discussed at the Buenos Aires Executive Council Meetings it has been decided that maps and publications resulting MAP activities would be listed on the MAP WEB Page. Each participating country is requested to send a list of maps and publications in the MAP area for their country to MAP administration. The information will be posted on the WEB Page along with information on how to obtain the maps and publications.

Verifiable Indicators Update

All four member countries have forwarded the verifiable indicators to MAP administration. A resume of them will appear in the next project quarterly report.

Cartographic Standards

Cartographic Standards Committee Coordinator Mr. Robert Cocking of GSC Vancouver will be travelling to Peru and Bolivia in early January to meet with GIS cartographers and discuss the current mapping software, hardware and procedures used by each country. Mr. Cocking will compile this information into a report on all four countries (over the next few months) and will use the information at the first meeting of the Cartographic Standards Committee as a basis from which to start working together.

MAP Fellowship Fund

At the recent MAP Executive Council Meetings in Argentina, it was suggested that MAP set up a Fellowship Fund for scientists from the geological surveys of the four South American MAP member countries. The objective will be to give scientists the opportunity to work with their counterparts in other MAP member countries in areas of strength for that country. MAP management will discuss with CIDA officials, the feasibility of doing this and each of the member countries will prepare a brief synopsis of the strengths of their survey and areas in which they believe more training would be helpful.

1999/2000 Work Plans

As MAP is entering the final quarter of the fiscal year it is time once again for member countries to begin preparing work plans for the 1999/2000 fiscal year. These work plans will be discussed at the next Executive Council Meetings at the PDAC (March 1999). MAP member countries are urged to have their draft work plans completed and faxed or emailed to MAP administration no later than Monday, March 1, 1999.

WEB Page
Request for updates

Given the significant attention the MAP WEB Page has received since its inception (see MAP News #6, October 1998) it is necessary to re-emphasize the importance of keeping consistently up-to-date and relevant information on it. It is strongly urged that each of the member countries review the current information pertaining to them and revise and update where necessary. Mr. Otto Krauth (MAP WEB Master) will be in contact with each country in early February 1999 to consult individually on what changes to make. It is hoped that this process can be complete by the end of February.

New MAP Arrival

Ms. Roc?o Lopez of GSC Vancouver and MAP regular since the early days (ie. 1994) recently gave birth to a baby boy. 9lb 6oz Mattias Wells-Lopez was born on December 18, 1998 at 7:18 p.m. in Vancouver. MAP management wishes to extend congratulations to Roc?o and her husband Christoph Wells.



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