October 1st, 1999


Activity Reports


Airborne Survey Updates

Argentina, Chile Airborne Meeting Update

After the September 28 meeting in which a number of mining companies confirmed their intent to participate, a time-line was established to assure that the survey will commence next season (February 2000). To accomodate this it is necessary that companies interested in participating in the consortium send a letter of intention to SEGEMAR by October 20, 1999. The participation fee can be paid as late as March 31, 2000.

For further information about this airborne survey please contact one of the following MAP project leaders:

Dra. Moyra Gardeweg, SERNAGEOMIN, Chile (email:
Tel: 56-2-737-5050) or Dr. Eduardo O. Zappettini, SEGEMAR, Argentina Email:
Tel: 54-11-4349-3162



Bolivia, Chile, Peru Airborne Survey Update


Following input from interested companies, the survey boundaries were revised. The area as shown covers approximately 90,000 km2. Companies are invited to indicate their interest in participating and to suggest modifications or areas of priority by October 30, 1999. The final area will then be established by the technical committee which will include a representative from each participating company. Please address questions or comments to Dr. Dennis Teskey:
Tel: (613) 834-0598

Verifiable Indicators

The October 30, 1999 deadline for submission of the Verifiable Indicators questionnaire is quickly approaching. Please send completed questionnaires to Mr. Mike Ellerbeck by email to: [email protected] or through the MAP web page at the following URL:


Map Certificates

Certificates for participation in MAP short courses were distributed at the recent Executive Council Meetings in Santa Cruz in Agust. As this was the first time that diplomas have been issued during the project, administration made certificates for all previous short courses from the first two years of MAP. Please advise MAP administration if anyone was left off the certificate list. Also please keep a list of all attendees at future short courses and send them to administration so that certificates can be issued.

PIMA Training
(Activity: A.99/B-1, A.99/C-2, A.99/P-1)

Ms. Anne Thompson of PetraScience Consultants Inc. of Vancouver, Canada has been contracted to give introductory training on the PIMA mineral analyser in Lima from November 2 to 5 and in La Paz from November 22 through 26.

Fluid Inclusion Training
(Activity: D.97/C-5, D.96/B-7, D.98/P-2)

Mr. Jim Reynolds of Fluid Inc. of Colorado, USA has been contracted to travel to Bolivia, Peru and Chile to set up the Fluid Inclusion Equipment donated by MAP. In Bolivia and Peru Mr. Reynolds will also be giving a short introductory course on the use of the Fluid Inclusion Equipment.





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