Nov. 1st, 2000


Upcoming Activities

Aravena to Chile (Activity: D.96/C-14)

Dr. Ramon Aravena of the University of Waterloo Hydrogeology Department will be travelling to Chile to continue work on the MAP Hydrogeology project. Dr. Aravena's services were requested by SERNAGEOMIN to collaborate on their hydrogeological project in Northern Chile. The work will focus on interpretation of isotopic and geochemical data and preparation of manuscripts for publication. A general evaluation of the overall project will also be part of this mission. Dr. Aravena will be arriving in Chile Dec. 3 and will work with SERNAGEOMIN until December 15.

PDAC & Executive Council Meeting (Activity: PM.00/M-6)

The next meetings of the MAP Excutive Council will be held during the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) general meeting in Toronto March 11 through 14, 2001 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. MAP members are urged to forward agenda topics to MAP Project Adminstrator Mr. Mike Ellerbeck for inclusion in the meeting agenda. Members are also requested to forward to Mr. Ellerbeck the names of attendees from their country in order that accommodation arrangements can be finalized.

Activity Reports

Metallogenic Map Update (Activity: B.98/M-2)

The Metallogenic map was recently circulated to all MAP members for review. Members are urged to review maps and suggest any edits. There is still some outstanding data needed by Robert Cocking including the volcanoes from Peru, one more mapsheet from Chile (Pisagua) and the Bolivian topography east of 65 degrees 30 minutes (if it is decided to include that area). Mr. Cocking is currently adding the Chilean mapsheets Visviri and El Salvador to the geology and editing the map for overlapping features. According to the schedule agreed upon in Puerto Varas, edits should be sent back to Mr. Cocking by November 30, 2000, as well as the final version of the mineral deposits tables. The next version of the map will be made available for the March 2001 Executive Council Meeting in Toronto.

Airborne Survey Update
Argentina / Chile (Activity: C.99/M-H1)

Preliminary data in digital format from the Argentina / Chile airborne geophysical survey has been distributed to members and it is anticipated that flying will recommence early in the new year (January or February) depending on weather and snow conditions.

Airborne Survey Update
Bolivia / Chile / Peru (Activity: C.99/M-H2)

Final approval from Bolivian authorities for initial flying of the Bolivia / Chile / Peru airborne geophysical survey over Bolivian territory was granted at the end of October. Final calibration of instrumentation will be caried out in early November and flying should commence by mid-November, weather permitting.

Research on Western Neogene Magmatic Arc - Bolivia/Chile (17¼40' - 18¼40' S Latitude)

From October 24 to 28, 2000 geological field work was conducted in the Chara–a - Sajama region which forms part of the Western Neogene Magmatic Arc in the Andean region of Bolivia. Participants included the following geologists from the geological surveys of Chile and Bolivia: Dr. Moyra Gardeweg, Geo-MSc. Jorge Clavero, Geo-MSc. Marcelo Garc’a, Geo-MSc. Carolina Rodriguez; Ing. Iris Galarza and Ing. Hern‡n Uribe-Zeballos. The main objective of the field campaign was to conduct a geological review of the region, to establish the principal magmatic characteristics, and to determine potential areas for the exploration of mineral resources. This recent activity, which forms a part of a larger research project organized under MAP, was developed jointly by the Geological Surveys of Bolivia and Chile, and was also intended to serve as an educational endeavour aimed at teaching Bolivian scientists volcanic processes (analysis and interpretation of volcanic sequences). The joint work was approved at the MAP Executive Council meeting in Puerto Varas, Chile in August of this year. During the field campaign the principal regional structures were reviewed, and samples were collected for geochronological analysis, which will compliment studies currently in progress, and which will also permit the development of a new view of the geologic evolution of the region. The results of the research will be published at the next Latin American Geological Congress in Uruguay in November of 2001.

MAP Samples Database (Activity: B.98/M-1)

Significant progress has been made on the MAP Samples Database. Dr. Mark Stasiuk has been working on the database and will be distributing the second version to MAP participants at the end of November 2000. Countries are requested to review the new version and make comments and suggestions by January 19, 2001. Dr. Stasiuk will then proceed to with the final changes and the first version ready for data imput will be ready for distribution to MAP participants at the next Executive Council meetings at PDAC in March 2001.

Roundup - Vancouver The 2001

Cordilleran Roundup will be held in Vancouver, B.C. from January 23 to 26, 2001. Activities and presentations will be held both at the Hotel Vancouver and the Hyatt Regency Hotel. This year's theme "Vancouver: Gateway to Discoveries" will focus on the Vancouver mining industry tradition of bringing together explorationists, techniques, services, and suppliers to interact and exchange ideas. Of particular interest to MAP particpants is the Friday January 26 session entitled "Exploration in Peru: Juniors, Majors & Government Combining to Revive a Mining Giant". MAP will be presenting 4 posters on the project: 1. General Project Information, 2. Samples Database, 3. Sample Standards, 4. Metallogenic Map. For further information including schedules, registration, and hotel information please consult the Web site:


The Annual Conference of Mines Ministries of the Americas (CAMMA) took place in Vancouver, Canada from October 4 to 6, 2000. Attendees included representatives from the mines ministries of 19 countries of the Americas including: the Prime Minister of Guyana, the Hon. Samuel Hinds; Minister of Natural Resources Canada, the Hon. Ralph Goodale; Undersecretary of Industry, Commerce and Mining for Argentina, Lic. Carlos Saravia Frias; Undersecretary of Mines for Chile, Ms. Jacqueline Saintard Vera; and the Viceminister of Mines for Peru, Ing. Eduardo Pando Pacheco. Highlights of the meetings included the signing of the Vancouver Declaration and the definition of Terms of Reference for CAMMA. The next annual meetings of CAMMA will be held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in the final quarter of 2001. Points of interest from the Vancouver Declaration for MAP participants include: - The continued recognition by CAMMA members of the importance of small scale mining as a means of alleviating poverty. - The recognition of the importance the "Safe Use Principle" (as defined in the Safe use Workshop for Minerals and Metals, in July 1988 in Lima) " decisions respecting the restriction of the production and/or use of any minerals and metals within their own jurisdiction." - The commitment to organize a workshop on ÒMine ClosureÓ and a workshop on the ÒDevelopment of Mining Activities and Their relationship with CommunitiesÓ. For further information on CAMMA please consult the WEB Page at:

Web Page Update (Activity: C.96/M-1)

Webmaster Mr. Otto Krauth has revised the links on the Web Page and reports that all links are working. Any errors or omissions please notify Mr. Krauth at: . With the recent publication of an article about MAP in Geoscience Canada (September 2000), October saw a record number of visitors to the page with 8,586 hits (visit to view article). Of particular interest is the fact that on Sunday, Oct 1st the page received 2,219 hits in a single day. During the two month period (Sept-Oct 2000) over 151 Megabytes of data was transmitted. Number of hits per month: September 6,455 October 8,586 The top five countries (visits from): 1 USA 2 Argentina 3 Canada 4 Peru 5 Mexico The top six visited pages: 1 Home 2 Newsletter 3 General Information (Peru) 4 General Information (Argentina) 5 General Information (Chile) 6 Airborne Survey Page





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