June 1st, 1999


Activity Reports

Mineral Deposits Tour - Bolivia and Argentina
(Activity B.97/M-1)

Fourteen geologists from 5 countries spent two weeks (May 3 to 17) travelling together. They travelled 5000 km in two countries, mostly above 4000 m elevation, learning about the regional geology of the high Andes, and visiting over a dozen mineral deposits. The tour included visits to abandoned ancient gold and silver mines, active modern polymetallic and industrial minerals mines and exploration projects. The Bolivian tour, organized by Ing. Humberto Mallo and Ing. Hern‡n Uribe, included visits to Kori Kollo, Bolivar, Pederson Project, Cerro Rico in Potos’, Cosu–o Project, Pulacayo, and Salar de Uyuni. The Argentinean portion, led by Dr. Eduardo Zappettini, included visits to Pirquitas, El Aguilar, Fenix, Tincalayu, Incahuasi, Bajo de la Alumbrera, and Agua Rica Project. The PIMA (portable infrared mineral analyser) was demonstrated and proved to be useful in identifying alteration minerals at several localities. Thanks to all the mining companies who hosted the group. Congratulations to the tour organizers in Bolivia and Argentina.

Airborne Survey Update
(Activity: D.99/M-C1 & D.99/M-C2)

During May, Canadian geophysicist Dennis Teskey, travelled to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia to visit the national geoscience agencies and to discuss the planned airborne geophysical surveys with individual companies. Considerable interest was shown and one company actually signed up for both surveys. The next step for the Chile-Argentina survey (other than coming up with a good name!) is (1) to contact the companies to solidify commitment and permit finalization of the agreement, and (2) to start the tendering process with Public Works and Government Services Canada. Ideally the survey would be awarded by September or October. This means that tender documents must go out in July. For the Chile-Bolivia-Peru survey (again please think of a better name), the anticipated commencement of flying is April, 2000; however the survey should be awarded by the end of this year. Because of the size and funding required, every effort will have to be made to contact companies and convince them of the advantages of participation. Ing. Marcelo Claure Zapata of SERGEOMIN, Bolivia has suggested a meeting with companies to coincide with the Bolivian Mining Congress in Santa Cruz and the MAP meeting in La Paz in August. These meetings could provide a good opportunity to determine the priorities regarding the area and the actual funding available. Other ideas are welcomed.

Upcoming Activities

Andre Panteleyev and Paul Metcalfe in Bolivia
(Activity: A.96/B-3)

Canadians Dr. Andre Panteleyev of XDM Geological Consultants Inc. and Dr. Paul Metcalfe a private consultant will be travelling to Bolivia at the end of June. Dr. Panteleyev will be giving a short course in Metallogeny at the offices of SERGEOMIN to be followed by field work. Dr. Metcalfe will also attend the short course and will also be going to the field with Bolivian geoscientists to do work in regional mapping in volcanic areas. The short course will go from June 28 to July 2 and the field work will commence on July 4 . Executive Council Meeting (Activity: PM.99/M-3) The next MAP Executive Council Meetings will be held in La Paz, Bolivia August 21, 22, 23, 1999. It is requested that the Project Managers from each country forward the names of attendees and any suggestions for agenda items to MAP Administration.

Cartographic Standards Committee
(Activity: B.98/M-2)

The first meetings of the new MAP Cartographic Standards Committee (CSC) will be held in Lima, Peru on June 17 and 18, 1999. These important meetings will lay the groundwork for the creation of standards for future joint geological map making between MAP countries. The principle objectives of these first meetings are to include: - Analyzing the current cartographic methods, processes and problems of each country including features such as: - symbology - colours - database specifications - legend design - Preparing a report to be presented to the Executive Council and the Mineral Resources Map Technical Committee indicating issues that need to be confronted either by the Executive Council or the Technical Committee. Following the Lima meetings there will be a somewhat less formal meeting in Ottawa, Canada, August 14-17 at the International Cartographic Association Meeting at which the CSC will reconvene and discuss progress thus far.

MAP Publications Required for Library

In accordance with the decisions made during the last executive council meeting in Toronto this past March a library of MAP area products is being compiled. Please submit 5 copies of your MAP area publication to Mike Ellerbeck who will catalogue and distribute them. One set of publications will be maintained and available to the public through the GSC Vancouver Cordilleran Geoscience Library, and the rest will be distributed to MAP member countries.

VMS Deposits of Latin America Update

In the August 1, 1998 issue of MAP News an article from the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) appeared advertising a proposed publication on Volcanic Massive Sulphides of Latin America. Since then almost all the contributors have been selected and the table of contents is virtually complete. Of interest to participants in the Multinational Andean Project are that a number of current and past pasticipants in MAP are contributing to the publication. Dr. Orlando Sanjines of Bolivia, formerly of SERGEOMIN and former MAP Project Leader for Bolivia will contribute with an article on "The Geology of VMS Districts, Bolivia". Also, from Peru Dr. Nestor Chacon, formerly of INGEMMET and former MAP Project Leader for Peru, will be contributing an article on "The Geology of VMS Districts, Peru". Finally, Dr. Waldo Vivallo of SERNAGEOMIN and a participant on the recent MAP mineral deposits field tour, will contribute a paper on VMS Metallogeny of Chile. The publication will be published in both Spanish and English in time for the May 2000 GAC annual meeting to be held in Calgary, Canada. For pre-publication orders send cheque to: Bob Cathro RR#1, Box U-39 Bowen Island, BC Canada, V0N 1G0 Price: $40.00 CND $35.00 US Make cheque payable to: Mineral Deposit Division, G.A.C.

Web page update

The web page is scheduled to be redesigned prior to the next Executive Council Meeting in August 1999. The goal will be to focus on the areas that attract the highest traffic such as the "Newsletter", "General Information" and "Project Activities" sections. As MAP administration is receiving increasing number of calls from private industry interested in purchasing products from the MAP area it is urged that member countries forward a list of publications of the area along with information on how to obtain the products. The webmaster is also developing the secure area to maintain information such as:
-Project activities
-Email capabilities from a web browser
-Samples database tracking

Any additional suggestions or comments please send an email to Otto Krauth at:

Photo Contest

MAP administration is pleased to announce the first MAP Photo contest for MAP participants. During the past year (June 1, 1998 to May 31, 1999) there have been a number of joint MAP activities which have included active participation from all five MAP countries. During these activities scientists have enjoyed travelling through some of the most spectacular areas of the world. In an attempt to increase the MAP photo archive it was decided that a photo contest would be an effective way of obtaining high quality photos of the geology of the MAP area as well as photos of geologists from different countries working together. Two Prizes: 1) For the photograph best displaying the uniqueness of Andean Geology (taken while working on a MAP activity): Prize - Cruiser Vest (in the size and colour requested by the winner) - see photo above. 2) For the photograph best displaying international cooperation of geoscience institutions (ie. photos of people taken while working on a MAP activity): Prize - Hand Lens - see photo above. Format: Photos can be scanned and emailed as attachments to: [email protected] or you can send it in hard copy (slides or prints) to: Mike Ellerbeck, GSC, 101-605 Robson Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada - V6B 5J3. Please include a brief description of photo and identify which contest you wish it to be entered into. Prints and slides will be returned to the sender at the end of the contest. Deadline: All photos must be received by MAP Administration by August 1, 1999. The final decision will be made at the MAP Executive Council meetings in La Paz, Bolivia August 21 to 23, 1999. Copies of the photos will be retained by MAP administration to be published in MAP News and for other uses during the remainder of the Project. Contest is open only to scientists of INGEMMET, SERGEOMIN, SERNAGEOMIN, and SEGEMAR who have worked on joint MAP activities between June 1, 1998 and May 31, 1999. MAP executive council, contractors, MAP administration are excluded from this contest.




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