October 1st, 1998


SIAL plane and crew after completion of the Airborne survey in La Rioja, Argentina. Sept. 1998 - CONGRATULATIONS!


Puna Austral Airborne Survey Completed

Airborne Survey Update
(Activity: D.96/A-2)

We are happy to report that the flying portion of the Airborne survey was completed on September 25. At present the data is being prepared for distribution to participant companies. Congratulations to the crew for a safe and successful completion of this activity. Results will not be available to the public for a period of one year.


Upcoming Activities


Andre Panteleyev to Peru (Activity: A.98/P-1)

Dr. Andre Panteleyev of XDM Geological Consultants Inc. will be working in Peru from October 19 through to November 13, 1998. The first part of Dr. Panteleyev's visit will consist of a 3 to 4 day course on Metallogeny and Geology of Mineral Deposits. He will then proceed to the field with INGEMMET geologists to do further work.


Steve Gordey to Peru postponed (Activity: A96/P-4)

The visit of Dr. Steve Gordey has been postponed until 1999. This joint activity along the border of Peru and Bolivia awaits the availability of Bolivian geologists to work in coordination with the Peruvians.


Soregaroli to Bolivia (Activity: C.97/M-1)

GSC Technical Advisor to MAP, Dr. Art Soregaroli, has been invited by SERGEOMIN to visit Bolivia to meet management and review Bolivia's participation in MAP. Dr. Soregaroli will be travelling to La Paz on November 18 and will return to Canada on November 29.


Carmel Lowe to Chile (Activity: D.97/C-4)

Dr. Carmel Lowe of GSC Pacific will be in Chile from the 2-4 November 1998 to give an introductory course in geophysical modelling to SERNAGEOMIN geologists.


Executive Council Meeting (Activity: PM.98/M-3)

The next Executive Council Meetings for MAP will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina following the 10th Latin American Geology Conference (November 8-13, 1998). On the Friday (Nov. 13) MAP will be featured and each participating country will make a presentation on accomplishments thus far in the project (Contact Dr. Eduardo Zappettini at: for further information). The MAP Executive meetings will take place on the 14 and 15.


Draft Agenda

- Individual Country Updates

- Financial Update

- Project Activity Plan changes for remainder of fiscal year (to March 31, 1999)

- Decision on Mineral Deposits Field Trip (Argentina and Bolivia) tentatively scheduled for February or March 1999

- Cartographic Standards Committee

- Electronic Conference (see "Cartographic Standards Committee" in present issue)

- International Cartographic Standards Association Meeting in Ottawa, Canada, August 1999

- WEB Page Update of English and Spanish information for each country.

- Decision on next year's Executive Council meeting at the PDAC (see article in present issue)

- Decision on Terrane 99 proposal (see article this issue).

Please forward names of participants to Mike Ellerbeck: ()


Volcanology Short Course Part 2 (Activity: B.98/M-3)

Part II of the volcanology short course in Chile is presently being organized. The dates have been chosen (November 23-30, 1998). The general work plan is:

-Monday 23: Theoretical course in Santiago, at SERNAGEOMIN facilities (9:00am - 18:00pm)

- Tuesday 24: travel Santiago - Calama - San Pedro de Atacama. Familiarization with surrounding in the evening.

- Wednesday 25, Thursday 26, Friday, 27, Saturday, 28: Field work.

- Sunday 29: return to Santiago.

Participants must arrive in Santiago no later than Sunday November 22. Chile is planning on sending 6 participants as well as Dr. Moyra Gardeweg as trip leader and Ing. Jorge Clavero who will be the coordinator and assistant. It is anticipated that each country (Peru, Bolivia, Argentina) will send 2 particpants. With Dr. Hickson from Canada and 4 drivers from Chile there will be a total of 19 people.

Please forward names of participants to Mike Ellerbeck: ().


Cartographic Standards Committee

Initial testing for the electronic conference room has been conducted with INGEMMET (Peru), and SERNAGEOMIN (Chile). The next step will be to decide on a date to hold the conference that will be convenient for all parties involved.

The International Cartographic Association (ICA) will be holding the 19th International Cartographics Conference in Ottawa, Canada August 14-21, 1999. This might be a possible venue for the MAP Cartographic Standards Committee to hold its first formal meeting. The WEB Page address for the conference is:


Activity Reports

Red outlined areas indicate images
captured by RadarSat for MAP.

RadarSat Images

Three pairs of satellite images have been acquired within the area of the Multinational Andean Project. The areas covered by these six images can be seen in the map figure above.


PIMA Update

Dr. Andre Panteleyev of XDM Geological Consultants will be taking the PIMA with him to Peru (Activity: A.98/P-1) in October / November 1998. He will give preliminary demonstrations on the use of the PIMA and will begin some sample case histories. If requested, full PIMA training from Spectra International can be organized in the future.


New Project Leader in Bolivia

Dr. Orlando Sanjines will finish his duties as MAP Project Leader for Bolivia on October 16, 1998. Dr. Sanjines resigned from his position at SERGEOMIN on October 1. MAP management wishes to extend thanks to Dr. Sanjines for the leadership role he played in Bolivia for MAP. Dr. Sanjines was instrumental in the evolution of MAP ; from the early days with USGS through to the Borders Project and on to the present project. His presence will be missed.

The new Project Leader for Bolivia will be Ing. Humberto Mallo Gonzales. Ing. Mallo brings varied experience in field exploration, and mineral evaluation, as well, he was a group coordinator for MERCOSUR in the elaboration of geologic, hydrogeologic, and thematic maps. Ing. Mallo will be attending the next Executive Council Meetings in Buenos Aires.


Vancouver Conference

Ing. Lindberg Meza of the Directive Council of INGEMMET Peru, private consultant Jose Mart?nez also of Peru, as well as Lic. Omar Lapido of SEGEMAR, Argnetina were in Vancouver, Canada for the week of September 21 - 25 to attend the "8th Congress of the International Association of Engineering Geologists and Environmentalists". All were given a tour of the facilities of GSC Vancouver.


Ben's Replacement

In September Dr. Hickson and a selection committee conducted interviews for the position, however no one has yet been selected. In the interim Dr. Paul Metcalfe has been contracted to take care of sample processing. Dr. Metcalfe can be contacted at (604) 666-3955 or email:


PDAC Convention 99

The 1999 PDAC conference is to take place in Toronto, Canada from March 14 through 17, 1999. The Spring 1999 Executive Council Meetings will be held there. 15 hotel rooms have been booked from March 13 -20 for participants from each country and booth space for MAP has also been reserved. It is urged that each member country send in names of the participants who will be representing their country at these Executive Council Meetings. For further information on the PDAC Convention '99 please consult the WEB Page:



Terrane Paths 99 Conference

The 9th International Terrane Conference is scheduled to be held in British Columbia from September 27 through October 1, 1999. Previous conferences in this series have migrated around the circum-Pacific region, most recently in Santiago, Chile (1991), Guanajuato, Mexico (1993), and Christchurch, New Zealand (1997). It is fitting that this meeting find its way to the Canadian Cordillera, (temporary) resting place of circum-Pacific terranes resulting from numerous tectonic events. It is home to many excellent examples of the geological relationships from which the terrane concept was built, and of the ongoing controversies over terrane recognition and displacement. Suggested focus for the sessions will be complete terrane travel history, or terrane paths. As tectonics and terranes have played a significant role in the geological history of the MAP region, it is suggested that the Executive Council might select this conference as the event around which to base the 1999 September Executive Council Meetings. Post conference field trips throughout British Columbia are also planned. For more information please consult the Terrane Paths 99 WEB Page:



The WEB page continues to show a strong interest from the Internet community. During the July - September period the site received visits from 34 countries. Among the top 5: USA, Canada, Argentina, Netherlands and Germany.

The statistics for July, August and September are as follows:


Jul/98: 2,197 hits
Aug/98: 1,882 hits
Sept/98: 2,279 hits


Again it is urged that each participant review the section on their survey and identify one person to be the WEB page contact.



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