December 1st, 1998


Upcoming Activities


Visit of Drs. Aravena and Rudoph
to Chile for Hydrogeology
(Activity: D.96/C-14)

From January 2 nd to the 17 th , 1999 Drs. Ramon Aravena and David Rudolph will be collaborating with SERNAGEOMIN on the hydrogeology program. SERNAGEOMIN had requested this second visit of Dr. Aravena and Dr. Rudolph to Chile as a continuation of work started in January of this year. The work duties for this second visit include a short course and field work. The short course will include materials about groundwater flow dynamics, groundwater instrumentation, isotope hydrology and groundwater geochemistry. The field work will include an evaluation of the hydrogeology project carried out in the Negro Francisco Basin and the installation of new instrumentation at the study site.

Working Group to Assist Planning of Future Objectives for INGEMMET

By the end of 2000 INGEMMET, Peru will have completed it's institutional objective of finishing the geological map of the country at 1:100,000 scale. At present INGEMMET management is putting together a plan for future objectives (ie. post-2000) and has requested the assitance of Dr. Art Soregaroli, Dr. Andre Panteleyev (XDM Geological Consultants), and Dr. Catherine Hickson (MAP Project Manager) to help achieve this end. From January 11 through 13 they, together with INGEMMET management and scientists will form working group in Lima with the objective of creating a proposal to be given to the Ministry of Mines of Peru for approval.

Mineral Deposits Field Trip Part 2
(Activity: B.97/M-1)

Part two of the Mineral Deposits Field Trip to include visits to Mines in Argentina and Bolivia has been postponed until the first two weeks of May. It was decided at the recent Executive Council Meetings that conducting the field trip during this fiscal year was not feasible for several of the member countries. Ing. Mallo will coordinate for the Bolivian leg and Dr. Zappettini the Argentinian leg. Please forward names and contact information of participants from your country as soon as possible to Mike Ellerbeck -email:


MAP Executive Council and Administrator following MAP presentations on Friday November 13 th , 1998 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From left to right: Dr. Eduardo Zappettini, Dr. Catherine Hickson, Ing. Marcelo Claure, Lic. Roberto Page, Lic. Jos? Mendia, Ing. Humberto Mallo, Dr. Moyra Gardeweg, Ing. Ricardo Troncoso, Lic. Mike Ellerbeck. (absent: Dr. Constantino Mpodozis)

Activities Reports

Executive Council Meeting

The recent MAP Executive Council Meetings took place in Buenos Aires and Lobos, Argentina from November 13 th to 15 th , 1998. It was attended by:

Lic. Roberto Page
Lic. Jose Mendia
Dr. Eduardo Zappettini

Ing. Marcelo Claure
Ing. Humberto Mallo

Ing. Ricardo Troncoso
Dr. Constantino Mpodozis
Dr. Moyra Gardeweg P.

Due to travel restrictions
Peru was unable to send

Dr. Catherine Hickson
Ing. Jean-Claude Lauzier
Mr. Mike Ellerbeck
Mr. Otto Krauth

Meeting Highlights:

MAP Publications: It was decided that all publications resulting from project activities in the member countries would be listed on the MAP WEB Page. Each member country is to send a list of publications to date in the project area. This list will continue to be updated as new maps and publications are released.

Cartographic Standards Committee: The list of participants for the Cartographic Standards Committee for MAP was updated. Also it was decided that Mr. Robert Cocking of GSC Vancouver would take a leadership
role in the group. Each country agreed to send a synopsis of hardware and software currently being used in their country.

1:1,000,000 Geological and Metallogenic Map of MAP Area: This will be coordinated by Dr. Zappettini of SEGEMAR and presented at the
IX Chilean Geological Conference in July 31 st to August 4 th , 2000 in Puerto Varas during which a MAP symposium will also be held. For more information visit the Web page at: http://tamarugo.cec.uchile.cl/~geocongr

Verifiable Indicators: A verifiable indicator questionnaire was prepared and distributed to Executive Council Members. The importance of updating verifiable indicators every year was explained and it was agreed that each country would send their updated verifiable indicators to MAP administration by December 15, 1998.

Mineral Deposits Field Trip: See article under Upcoming Activities.

MAP Multicountry Fellowship Fund: It was proposed by Argentina that each country set aside an amount of money to be pooled into a MAP Fellowship Fund to be used for funding the travel costs and expenses of MAP member-country scientists. This fund will enable them to participate in activities with scientists in other member countries and gain experience working with neighbouring countries. Each country agreed to write an overview of strengths and weaknesses of their institutions, and these will be used to help identify where applicants will be sent. MAP management will also be in contact with the appropriate contacts at CIDA to discuss the feasibility of doing this under MAP.

1999/2000 Work Plans: Project Leaders and Coordinators in each country agreed to send in Work Plans for the 1999/2000 fiscal year no later than February 15, 1999.


X Latin American Geological Congress and VI National Congress of Economic Geology

On Friday November 13, 1998 MAP members made presentations to attendees of the Congress. The presentations started with a MAP general overview by Project Manager Dr. Catherine Hickson followed by presentations on Argentina (Dr. Eduardo Zappettini), Bolivia (Ing. Humberto Mallo), and Chile (Dr. Moyra Gardeweg). The presentation was attended by approximately 40 people.


Preliminary Airborne Survey Data being presented to La
Plata Gold. From left to right: Ing. Abbas Moussaoui,
Dr. Eduardo Zappettini, Dr. Jorge Chernikoff, Mr. Cosme M.
Beccar Varela, Dr. Catherine Hickson, Dr. Dennis Teskey

Airborne Survey Data Distribution to Industry Participants

Preliminary data from the Puna Austral Airborne Survey in Northwest Argentina were distributed in the afternoon of Friday November 13 following the MAP presentations at the 10th Latin American Geological Congress. Representatives from Billiton, BHP, La Plata Gold, and Barrick arrived to pick up their copies of the data. Final data are scheduled to be released early January, 1999.

Visit of Dr. Soregaroli to Peru and Bolivia

Dr. Art Soregaroli at the invitation of SERGEOMIN visited Bolivia in November to assess their participation in MAP and to write a report giving suggestions on how to adapt MAP activities to recent institutional changes at SERGEOMIN. Dr. Soregaroli then went to Lima where he met with management of INGEMMET (along with Catherine Hickson and Mike Ellerbeck), to begin discussions on INGEMMET objectives post-2000.

Dr. Lowe Visit to Chile for Geophysical Modeling Course (Activity: D.97/C-4)

A three-day short course on gravity and magnetic methods was given by Dr.Carmel Lowe (GSC-Pacific) at Sernageomin, Santiago, Chile on November 2-4, 1998. The course was attended by 23 geologists, approximately 20 of whom were from the Chilean Geological Survey. The remainder were staff and graduate students from the University of Santiago. The course was presented in 6 sections. Course design assumed participants had little prior geophysical knowledge, or experience using geophysical data. On days 1 and 2, basic theory was discussed and numerous practical examples, mostly from the Canadian Cordillera, were presented. Day 3 involved computer demonstrations using modern software for the processing and interpretation of gravity and magnetic data from Chile.

Dr. Panteleyev Fieldwork with Peru and Metallogenic Short Course.

Dr. Andre Panteleyev was in Peru from October 19 to November 13. He gave a course to INGEMMET geologists on the Metallogeny and Geology of Mineral Deposits. Dr. Panteleyev then proceeded to the field to work with two field brigades. He also gave a general introduction to the use of the PIMA Infrared Spectrometer.

Volcanology Field Course in Chile

The second part of the volcanology field course which took place in Chile concluded successfully. An update on this activity will appear in the next edition of MAP News.

Upcoming Executive Council Meetings

PDAC: The next Executive Council Meetings of MAP will be held in conjunction with the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) Conference in Toronto, Canada March 14-17, 1999. The MAP meetings will be held in the mornings (8:00 to 12:00) March 15, 16, and 17 at the Crown Plaza Hotel. These meetings will review the current fiscal year and the work plans for the 1999/2000 fiscal year. Hotel accommodations and a 10'x10' booth have been reserved. Please forward names of representatives along with arrival and departure times to Mike Ellerbeck at email:

1999 Mid-Year Executive Council Meetings: It was decided that the 1999 mid-year Executive Council Meetings will be hosted by Bolivia in the third quarter (between Oct. & Dec.).

INGEMMET: New Publications

On December 17th INGEMMET will introduce
20 bulletins of Series "A" - National Geological Maps
which includes 2 areas in Madre de Dios department -border
with Bolivia. The study of this area was
accomplished with the cooperation of the MAP. The
studies will be published in the following bulletins:

Bulletins N# 123

Author/ Sheets /Scale
Lidia Romero P. I?apari, Rio Acre, Qda. Mala* 1:200,000
Mario Carpio R. Iberia, San Lorenzo, Pto. Lidia*
Maria Morales R. Rio Manuripe, Mavila, Sta. Maria*
Valencia, Palma Real, Rio Heath*

Bulletins N# 113

Author / Sheets / Scale
Lionel Fidel S. Rio las Piedras, R?o Citiyacu 1:200,000
Elmer Boulangger R. Tayacome, Paquitsa
Esperanza, Rio Lidia*

* Maps within the MAP area

For more information please contact INGEMMET at:

Correction: PIMA

Please note that the PIMA is a shortwave infrared spectrometer and not a mass spectrometer as it was incorrectly described in previous editions of MAP NEWS.



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