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Probability of Success

4 Probability of Success - Strategy for partnership, Potential Risks

Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru have a proven track record of cooperation through the Multinational Andean Project. The National Geoscience agencies have benefited from the training received from Canada and the other country participants to advance the knowledge level of their geologists. They will be able to take advantage of this training in the new Project. The addition of Venezuela, Ecuador and probably Colombia will expand the multinational character of the Project by adding two or probably three countries with similar concerns to the original participants. However, these countries have not worked in such a multinational environment, nor have their geologists benefited by the training provided by MAP, thus it may take longer to see concrete results in these countries.

The principal risk to the Project is the political situation in each of the countries. Funding cutbacks or changes in government policies may severely impact the ability of one or more of the countries to continue participating in the Project. However, the advantage of having several countries participating is that the Project can continue even if one or more participants has to withdraw.