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MAP:GAC will be undertaking activities in the following three regions of the country:
  • Mendoza River Basin: Cordilleran part of the bioceanic corridor Buenos Aires-Santiago affected by landslides, seismicity and active volcanism
  • Copahue Volcano, Neuqu?n: Tourist region with active volcanism
  • Humahuaca Creek: Part of the bioceanic corridor Brazil-Chile affected by landslides
At the moment activities in the first two regions are being developed:

Mendoza River Basin:
The preparation of the cartographic base began, using satellite information with incorporation of ASTER images (as part of the GEOSAT-AR project currently underway with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency), and compilation of geologic information on a scale of 1:100,000. Creation of thematic databases is underway (geologic hazards, geochemistry data, mining activity) for later analysis in a GIS environment.

Copahue Volcano:
SEGEMAR has signed an agreement with the province of Neuqu?n to establish a System of Prevention and Distribution to mitigate the risks associated with Copahue volcano, incorporating as fundamental aspects the basic concepts and elements of prevention. In this context SEGEMAR will manage the installation of equipment for the seismic monitoring, as well as the necessary means for the effective transmission of seismic signals to the interpretation center. The Province of Neuqu?n will take charge of the maintenance and care of the equipment.