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Sub Projects

SERGEOMIN has progressed in the following subprojects and activities in collaborative work with MAP:GAC:

Geologic Risk Prevention and Mitigation in the city of La Paz: This subproject includes several stages of work. Basic information retrieval was one of the biggest challenges; however, the required data have been obtained, thanks to multiple agreements between SERGEOMIN and other institutions. This information has allowed us to avoid duplication of work, and to draw up much more specific plans for more concrete results, such as:
  • Inventory of geologic hazards
  • City of La Paz Hazard Map
  • Use of detailed forms for hazard evaluation
In order to obtain the described results, we have designed GIS thematic maps on lithology, stratigraphy, landslide-prone zones, hazardous floods, slope maps, etc. We used topographic maps at a scale of 1:50,000; aerial orthophotos at a scale of 1:20,000; and Landsat images, among others.

In the medium to long term it is planned to complete geoscientific investigations generating prediction models for landslides and floods; this will be complemented by the experimental use of radar interferometry. Similarly, seismic control work will be carried out in the city of La Paz for its seismic microzone map.

Volcanic Activity in the Cordillera Occidental: As part of this GAC:MAC subproject, an inventory of more than 150 volcanic centres has been created. Sixteen of these show differing degrees of volcanic activity, with most current activity limited to fumaroles.

Also, SERGEOMIN has signed agreements with institutions that work directly in risk management, such as the Risk Mitigation National Service (SENAR), Municipal Government of the city of El Alto, Municipal Government of the city of La Paz, and Prefecture of the Province of La Paz. A binational agreement with INGEMMET (Peru) has been signed. In the academic area, two agreements of interinstitutional cooperation have been signed, one with the Independent University Tom?s Fr?as and another with the Andean University Simon Bolivar (UASB), for the accomplishment of a Masters degree program in Geologic Risk Management. SERGEOMIN and the UASB have established the Academic Council, responsible for the planning, execution, and pursuit of the new postgraduate program.

In addition, as part of the dissemination of information from the earlier phase of the Multinational Andean Project (MAP), SERGEOMIN and MAP:GAC have held to date two cycles of conferences with the participation of more than 100 people in each.