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Project Funding

Project Funding

6.1 Types of expenditures allowed by CIDA

6.1.1 Specialized Services

The specialized scientific services (analytical, geophysical, etc.) will be supplied (to the largest extent possible) by the GSC or the Canadian private sector under the administration and technical supervision of the GSC. GSC staff will serve as the Scientific Authority on contracts to the private sector.

6.1.2 Specialized Expertise

Specialized expertise will be supplied through the Geological Survey of Canada, either from its own staff or by contract with the private sector. This expertise will be supplied based on the needs of the National Geoscience Agencies and other participants as identified by each and subject to the endorsement of the Executive Council. The countries receiving the specialized expertise will be responsible, as far as possible, for appropriate living expenses in the country where the expertise is supplied and according to the rules of the respective country.

For workshops, short courses, conferences, etc., held in Canada, Project funding will cover expenses of participants upon landing in Canada, if required and requested to do so. Countries will be responsible, as far as possible, for travel costs to Canada. For short courses or other types of activities held under the auspices of multinational joint activities, the institution hosting the event will be required to assist in the organization of the event, but will not be responsible for the costs of participants from other institutions, nor the costs of the technical expert(s).

6.1.3 Equipment

Specialized equipment must be purchased from Canadian sources through Canadian Government procurement procedures and be of direct benefit to the Project and lead to a long-term increase in the abilities of the National Geoscience Agency requesting the equipment.

6.1.4 Informatics

As with equipment, informatics (computers, software, etc.) requests must be of direct benefit to the Project and lead to a long-term increase in the abilities of the National Geoscience Agency requesting the informatics. As far as possible, informatics must be purchased from Canadian sources through Canadian Government procurement procedures.

6.1.5 General Support Expenditures

Participation in Canadian scientific and Project-related activities (e.g., Geological Association of Canada Annual Meeting) will be supported through the Project. Joint publications, such as those associated with conferences, will also be supported by the Project. Participation of MAP:GAC management in activities, such as international conferences to promote the activities of the Project and further the Project objectives, will be funded out of funds from the Multinational portion of the budget.

6.1.6 Miscellaneous Supplies

Specific supplies necessary to the advancement of the Project.

6.1.7 Project Administration

The salaries and expenses of the Project Manager and Project Administrator will be covered by the Project, including secretarial and technical support (both salaries and expenses) and other expenditures necessary for the efficient and effective management of the Project. These funds will come out of the Project Management budget. MAP:GAC Management visits to a country to monitor the progress of its activities will be covered by the Project out of that country's available CIDA funds.

6.2 Supplemental Travel Funds

1. One of the objectives of MAP:GAC is to increase co-operation and horizontal integration among the participant nations in the Project by undertaking training activities and visits to facilitate joint work activities. In addition, the possibility of learning from a hazardous event in one of the participating countries may come up unexpectedly and funds will be needed to facilitate sending staff to support the counterpart organization during or after the crisis.

2. In order to promote the success of the above-mentioned objectives the countries agree to provide as much funding for their staff as possible. However, if a country has insufficient funds to cover the costs of exchanges, the countries may request the Executive Secretary, Technical Coordinator and the Project Manager to approve country CIDA funds be used in whole or in part to assist in participation in training courses, field trips, conferences and/or work-related visits, including response to a natural hazard crisis and/or disaster, to be carried out under the framework of the Project in any of the South American participant nations. This Fellowship fund is limited to professionals of the National Geoscience Agencies and other participating agencies (such as Civil Defense ), designated cooperating organizations of the MAP:GAC member countries or other persons agreed upon by the Executive Council.

3. For these purposes, each MAP:GAC member country can use the equivalent of $20,000US annually to be taken from their portion of the CIDA funded budget. The funds shall be administered directly by the Project Manager. Of the $20,000USmaximum available for each country, a maximum of $13,000 US may be used by the National Geoscience Agency. The balance of the amount may be used to fund other national participating organizations under the same guidelines. Upon approval of the Executive Secretary, the Technical Coordinator, and the Project Manager, as well as CIDA, the limits on the amounts available may be modified during a crisis situation, but each country will pay as much as possible towards the travel costs of its staff.

4. Amounts referred to in point 3 shall be used to fund, in whole or in part, expenses for airline tickets, registration in courses, per diems, and hotels to a maximum of $1,500US per person per trip.

5. If a MAP:GAC member country requests expert assistance from another country under the motive of horizontal co-operation for the Project, but cannot pay the costs of this expert, it may request assistance in travel costs from the Executive Secretary, Technical Coordinator and Project Manager to cover the expert's visit as per the limits stated above, to be paid from the requesting country's CIDA budget.

6. Activities not eligible for funding by MAP:GAC include: attendance at MAP:GAC Executive Council meetings, with the exception of the Technical Advisor(s) when they are not staff members of one of the participating government organizations. Also not included are meetings and/or working visits to Canada, participation in regular University courses, attendance at specialized scientific congresses and meetings held outside the South American continent.

7. To request supplemental travelassistance, the National Project Leader / Coordinator shall send a written request approved by the National Director (or delegate) of the Geoscience Agency of the country involved, to the Project Manager, Executive Secretary, and Technical Coordinator, including the following:

1. The candidate's name and Curriculum Vitae.
2. The objectives and justification for the travel and/or the activity, making note of the significance and relevance to the Project.
3. A justified and realistic estimate of costs for airline tickets, per diems, and hotel costs, and, when appropriate, registration fees for seminars, conferences, and field excursions and the amount to be covered by the requester's institution.

8. The above-mentioned documentation shall be sent to the Executive Secretary, Technical Coordinator, and Project Manager at least one month before the start date of the activity referred to in the request, except in the case of a crisis situation where all efforts to provide the documentation as soon as possible will be made. The candidate must, however, have at a minimum the permission of the National Director, Project Leader (or National Coordinator) and the Project Manager before travel is allowed.

9. Final decision on adjudication of the funding request shall be made together by the Executive Secretary, Project Manager, and Technical Coordinator. The Project Manager reserves the right to modify the request if there exists justification to do so and to ask for supporting documentation, such as receipts.

10. When travel is funded in whole or in part by the MAP:GAC, the person benefitting shall send a written report approved by the National Project Leader / Coordinator, to the Project Manager. The report shall include details of the results of the funded activity. In the case of support for the Technical Advisor(s), a report on the outcome of the meeting attended and their recommendations for future meetings is required. Not providing the above-mentioned reports shall result in suspension of access to supplemental funds for the country involved until such time as the required report is completed and sent.

6.3 Project Funding by Fiscal Year

Table 2 is an estimate of the Project budget over the next six years (see country work plans for specific requests). Table 3 provides a more detailed breakdown of the CIDA portion of the budget.