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Verification of Results

Achievement of the Project objectives will be verifiable by a number of different measures. However, the Project impacts may not be measurable until some event calling for the use of geoscience information occurs. After such an event it may be possible to determine whether the geoscience information made available to the local community was effective in reducing the impact of the event. Some more specific and measurable verifiable indicators are listed in Table . Through the Project the increased public knowledge of specific geoscience hazards in the target activity areas will be measured by means appropriate to the region, but as noted above, these may not be measurable after the short period of time of the Project. The incorporation of geoscience information into the hazard plans of communities can be monitored by changes in local or regional emergency plans or possibly even by regulatory changes. The publication and dissemination of products and information to relevant community groups and other people can be determined by collecting copies of the products and information on where and how the information was disseminated. Project products such as databases, maps of hazards, scientific papers, field trip guidebooks, workshop notes, etc., will be the tangible legacy of the Project arising out of the Project activities, and copies will be made available through the normal channels within the countries as well as copies to the other participating institutions (both nationally and internationally). Publications produced for local governments and the public will be made available through local libraries or other suitable institutions in the Project areas.