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Roles and Responsibilities of Partners

5.1 South American Participants

By signing this Implementation Report, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perœ and Venezuela agree to fulfil their obligations as members of the Executive Council as outlined in Section 4 of this report and to carry out as far as possible, given institutional budgets and other restrictions, the activities outlined in the attached work plans (Appendices A - G).

The work plans will be subject to modification based on the suggestions of the Executive Council, Technical Coordinator, Technical Advisor(s), technical experts and the provisions of the participating institutions and their management groups. An iterative management style will facilitate changes to the work plan brought about by the above factors as well as institutional changes, availability of technical specialists or other variations that might impact the work proposed by each institution.

The National Geoscience Agencies will facilitate participation of the communities and organizations involved in issues related to the Project.

5.2 Canada

The Geological Survey of Canada will supply the Project Manager and Project Administrator through a contractual arrangement between CIDA and the GSC (see Project Management, Section 4). (see Project Management, Section 4). These individuals will work with the Executive Council to ensure delivery of relevant scientific expertise and services. As per the contractual arrangement with CIDA, the GSC will undertake the contracting and management of the CIDA portion of the overall Project and will be responsible to CIDA for Project delivery. The GSC will also supply experts by secondment or contract, organize and deliver workshops, short courses and field trips either through its own in-house expertise or through contracting to the private sector. Specialized analytical, scientific and technical services will be procured directly through the GSC or from private sector suppliers. All outside contracting, services and equipment supplied will be through standard Public Works and Government Services and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat guidelines for procurement. All per diem, travel related expenses etc. will be according to Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat directives or those appropriate for living expenses for the country where the expertise is supplied and according to the rules of the respective country.