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Project Framework

Project Framework

2.1 Project Goal and Objectives

The Project goal is to contribute to improving the quality of life for peoples of the Andes by reducing the negative impact of natural hazards (earthquakes, landslides, and volcanoes). Through the project, updated and integrated geoscience and geospatial information on natural hazards will be provided for: 1- land-use planning and, 2- natural hazard mitigation.

The Project will transfer technologies to the National Andean Geoscience Institutions to enhance their capacity to efficiently and effectively provide on a continuous basis the required services:

1. To provide to the governments, communities, and planners geoscientific information fundamental to wise decision making with respect to the placement of public works (infrastructure), and human settlements.

2. To contribute to mitigation of the effects of natural hazards on the local population and public works (infrastructure); to support sustainable development by creating less-vulnerable communities.

3. To increase the capacities of the National Geoscience Agencies in the evaluation of geological hazards.

4. To assist other government organizations such as civil protection agencies to incorporate geoscience information into emergency plans.

2.2 Project Outcomes

All the activities proposed in this Project will be classified under the following outcomes:

1. Collection, integration and dissemination of scientific and technical information on geological hazards.

2. Public education and dissemination of information on geological hazards.

3. National vertical and horizontal integration: Increase co-operation and coordination among geoscience institutions, emergency planners, and other relevant government and non-government organizations and departments within each participant country.

4. International horizontal integration: Increase co-operation between geoscience and other relevant government and non-government institutions in all participating countries and other international organizations.

5. Institutional strengthening principally of the National Geoscience Agencies, but also other regional academic and Civil Defense and/or Protection institutions.