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General Risks

The overall risk to lack of achievement of the stated objectives will revolve around the political environment of the participating countries, both at a national and local level. This environment must be favourable for co-operation between participating organizations. Other factors are associated with the availability of qualified personnel to administer application of geoscience hazard information within the target communities and to produce the information. The successful achievement of the Project objectives depends mainly on the availability of trainees and resources to accomplish stated objectives within each of the participating organizations.

8.1 Risk Management

The specialized training that will be available to participating countries over the next six years will be an incentive for staff to remain with their respective institutions in order to be eligible for training. Access to this training is seen as a significant benefit to staff. Ensuring that training is relevant and effective will be important criteria for delivery of workshops, short courses, and other activities. The possibility of travel to Canada and neighbouring countries is also viewed in a positive light by staff of the institutions.

Part of the Project will focus on involvement of the private sector. This involvement should lead to strong advocacy positions among the private sector in support of the work of the National Geoscience Agencies. In imparting “Best Practices” it is anticipated that stronger institutions will emerge. This strengthening should extend to departments responsible for sustainable development and land-use planning.