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Project Monitoring and Reporting

7.1 Project Reports

Project requirements call for several different kinds of reports in order for CIDA and the GSC to track the advancement and accomplishments of the Project.

7.1.1 Countries

As outlined in Section 4, countries are required to report the progress on their sub-projects and activities biannually. These progress reports will be presented at the biannual Executive Council meetings and given to CIDA. Also required biannually and presented at the Executive Council meetings will be performance and verifiable indicators (see section 9), reports of activities given supplemental travel funds (section 6.2., item 10), and course evaluations. The reports will form part of the minutes of the Executive Council meetings.

7.1.2 Management

As the Executing Agency, the Geological Survey of Canada is responsible to CIDA for the management of the Project and will prepare reports as required and set out in the terms and conditions of the Agreement between the GSC and CIDA. In general the following reports are required:

1. Project Implementation Report;
2. Annual Work Plan to be submitted no later than March 31 of each year;
3. Annual Project Progress Report;
4. Semi-Annual Narrative Reports to be completed by October 31 and April 30 of each year;
5. Quarterly Financial Reports to be completed within 30 days of the end of each quarter.

Minutes from all Executive Council meetings will be prepared for all participants and CIDA. As part of these minutes the activity updates (progress reports) submitted by each country will be included.